the diamond anniversary is available in both script and card  

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I have always hunted high and low for very special gifts for my family and friends, ones which will make them feel that I have really thought about them - It is one of my great pleasures in life to look forward to seeing the joy and excitement on their faces – I know it shows them how much I think of them.

These days it has become very difficult to find a unique gift that is made in England, a gift which shows you have thought of someone who is special. With this in mind and because I wanted to create a special gift for my parents to commemorate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, I designed my first script. I wanted to create a piece which contained very specific information such as the date, place and time they were married.

From my home in the Cotswolds, I have been creating scripts for customers for over two years now and I still find it as rewarding creating a script or card for a customer as I do for my own friends and family – especially when I receive such amazing

'Diamond' Anniversary Script

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